ACOS5 is an advanced Cryptographic Smart Card fully complying with ISO7816-1/2/3/4/8/9, and is specially designed for Public-key based applications. It is specially designed for enhancing security and performance for RSA Public-key cryptographic operations. They are essential in smart card PKI, digital signature and high level security requirements.


With the ACS self-developed CSP and PKCS#11 middleware, ACOS5 is able to quickly use with compliant softwares in WINDOWS and Linux environment.


ACOS5 allows multiple secure PKI applications in one card. By requesting the digital certificate from Public Certificate Authority (CA) or in-house CA, you can use ACOS5 with varies useful applications includes:

  • Secure and Digital signing Email
  • Logical Access to PC
  • Remote Network/VPN Authentication logon
  • Digital Signature on Documents
  • PDF Document Encryption
  • Secure Harddisk Partition

- ACOS5-Mag: Contact card with magnetic stripe
- ACOS5-Mifare®: Contact and Contactless Smart Card

Technical Specifications

ACOS5 features

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ACOS5 Cryptographic Smart Card

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