The ACR122 NFC reader is the world’s first NFC reader compliant to CCID (Chip Card Interface Device) Specification. It is designed to support not only MiFare and ISO14443 Type A and B Cards but also FeliCa and NFC tags. 

Comprehensive SDK - ACS provides a comprehensive collection of sample codes for device and contactless card programming using the latest versions of powerful object oriented programming languages such as Java, Delphi, Visual Basic 6, Visual C# and Visual C++. The extensive set of development tools and reference materials in the SDK allows you to use the ACR122 for contactless based solutions, such as e-payment, access control, personal identity verification, mass transit, toll road fare collection, etc. With this complete ACR122 SDK, you can optimize the uses of the ACR122 for your NFC applications.

Peer- to- Peer Capability – As an additional feature, ACS provides you the option to experience a simulation of a real world NFC Peer-to-Peer application – a Smart Poster Application. A supplementary kit with the second NFC Reader will be provided if you decide to use this feature. Two ACR122 NFC Readers are needed for the Peer-to-peer demo since one ACR122 acts as the smart card poster and the other one as the  NFC device. This demo shows the capability of these two devices in exchanging data via the Peer-to-Peer Operating Mode. 

The development kit is priced at only US$149.


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ACR122 NFC Contactless Smart Card Reader SDK

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