This handsfree color video door phone system has an elegant design and modern touch. It uses 2.5 inches TFT LCD Color Screen in the monitor display and two way talks. It features its Hands Free, Multi Monitor Compatibility, Camera Lock Connection, and Interphone Functions. With vivid images and clear voice, it’s a reliable home security product. It provides full security and safety for your home and protects your possessions.


  •  Stylish and elegance concept design.
  •  Talk, monitor, unlock, inter-calling functions.

Installation – Indoor Unit

  • Install the monitor in a proper position where it is easy for use, at a proper height, avoiding direct sun shine.
  • Install the wire and cable correctly and then hook up the monitor.

Installation – Outdoor Unit

  • Place the camera where it is away from direct sunshine and effects of poor weather. Choose an appropriate height to get a better eye level view.
  • Dig holes through wall to arrange for premises distribution of the cable, door lock wire and other parts.
  • Fix the plastic frame on the wall with screws and place the camera main body into the frame. Install the metal frame onto the main body with screws tightened firmly.


  • Main line – camera to monitor.
  • Connect with the crystal plugs into the related camera and monitor sockets. The door lock lead wire goes from camera to door lock.
  • Extend to multi monitor use, if required according to the following diagram.

Wiring for multi monitor transmission

  • At the back of each monitor there are six terminals marked   1-6. Connect the same terminals is each monitor, at most three monitors in one system.
  • When the transmission range is up to 20m between two monitors, use better multi core coaxial cable. Door lock wire should be PVC flexible copper wire or twisted wire.
  • For inter phone function, connect the terminal marked 6.


Visitor’s call

The visitor presses the call button and the indoor monitor chimes at once. The housekeeper presses the talk button to talk to the visitor. If no one answers the monitor within 60 seconds, the system goes back to standby mode.


During the talk, the door lock can be released by pressing the unlock button on the monitor.


On standby, press the monitor button to see the view at the door. To return to standby, press the monitor button again.

Interphone function

  • This functions except for the monitor mode. Press the interphone button and all monitors connected chime. For interphone function among monitors, press the talk button.
  • Image quality, ring volume and call volume can be adjusted using respective buttons on the monitor.

Safety Notice

  • To prevent electric shock, do not disassemble the device without the help of a technician. Contact your local dealer or factory for services in case of malfunction.
  • Fix all parts firmly. Properly ventilated and low humidity location is preferable for the device.
  • Clean the device with soft cotton cloth. Erosive chemical or water is prohibited.
  • Do not press multiple buttons simultaneously.
  • Ask for technician for replacement or repair, in case of any problems. Use proper wires for connections.


The following parts come with the device. It is not advisable to use them with any other device.

  • Monitor – camera main line wire
  • Expansion tube and tapping screws
  • Wall mounting plate
  • Power adaptor DC 15V~500mA
  • User manual


Indoor Monitor:

  •  Screen: High Resolution Display 2.5" TFT-LCD
  •  Picture reproduction: ≥80%
  •  Effective Pixels: 480*234
  •  Brightness Discrimination Rate: ≥8
  •  Signal system: PAL/NTSC
  •  Switch power supply AC 100~240V/50~60Hz
  •  Power Consumption: ≤14W(operation), ≤2W(standby)
  •  Wiring: 4 wires for connection with outdoor camera,
  •  Wires for Lock-camera connection.
  •  Dimensions: 12.3*18.6*3.1cm

Outdoor Camera:

  •  Image sensor: 1/3" CMOS, 1/4"CCD
  •  Min. Luminance: 0.1 Lux/F1.8
  •  View Angle: 78°
  •  Video output signal range: 1.0Vp-p/75Ω
  •  Talk SNR: >40dB
  •  Voltage/consumption: DC12V-3W
  •  Lock lead wire can directly connect to camera.
  •  Dimension: 10.5*12.5*3.2cm
  •  Working Temperature: -10°C~+50°C


For more details, presentation and pictures, view the blog about this product here


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Handsfree Color Video Door Phone

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